Samba on Solaris 8

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Wed Oct 3 23:21:03 GMT 2001


I think you have to compile samba...

Download the source and run ./configure --help from the source directory.
Look for --prefix.

// Jesper

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I am new to Samba. I used it and installed it on Solaris 2.6  and it was
samba 2.0.7 version which was in pkgadd format and was installed under  /opt
directory i.e. /opt/samba.  Now I need to install samba on  solaris 8 and
problem I am having a problem that I I  don't have   write  permission on
/usr/local directory. (it is some NFS mount).

Now I am looking for  Samba  in pkgadd format which gets installed under
/opt  directory.   I tried  installing samba-2.2.1a-sparc-solaris-2.8.pkg
in  /opt  (with -R option)  directory but I got  so many error messages and
SWAT and other daemons never started.

Any idea where can I find this  samba package for Solaris 8 or can anyone
tell me if  I go for compiling samba  what parameter and file should I
modify to  install and compile into .opt directory.
Samba version doesn't matter for us.

Any help in this regards will be highly appreciated.


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