samba 2.2.1a-20010717rh71 and Win98 profile some save problems

Roger Boussen Roger at
Wed Oct 3 15:24:07 GMT 2001

I´am running Samba on a Redhat 7.1 system and everything works well except 
the profiles.
When  a user logged in (Win98 SE client)for the first time all his profile 
information (Desktop, Start Menu etc.) is saved in his homedirectory.
When the user log´s out there are some failure´s with saving

The same happens when the user logged in again.

When I wait for the timeout of 60seconds after the failure I see a message 
like (oops, translate it from dutch to english):
The local profile has been made after clossing the connection with the head 

The time from the workstation is set to the time of the server into the 

What´s wrong????????



-- Running Redhat 7

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