can I use samba to share a tape drive?

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Wed Oct 3 12:24:05 GMT 2001

Thanks, smbtar does the trick, but I do still have at least one question I
can't find an answer to. Copying files to Solaris first won't work for me, I
have much more to back up than space on the hard drive. 

How do I use smbtar (or smbclient) to update the archive on the tape?
smbclient does not support the 'r' command for tar (I tried, it only
supports c and x). Do I really have to start a new archive every time? For
those unfamiliar, smbtar is a script that uses smbclient with the -T...
option (cmd-line tar). I tried to modify the script to use 'r' as the tarcmd
without success. 

For now, I've gotten around this by writing to /dev/rmt/0n, where the 'n'
tells it not to rewind, thus appending new archives to the end of the tape.
This will do, but I'd like to have the ability to update an archive instead
of starting a new one with every command. 

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smbtar is designed to backup your windows box, so you might look at that.
man smbtar has some info, but I am sure there is plenty in the other samba
You could just dump the NT files to your linux hard drive and then back them
up from there.

> I just subscribed, but I don't think this is a dumb question. I have a
> drive mounted to a Solaris box, and I have a mess of files on an NT server
> want to back up. I have samba installed on the Solaris box, and I'm able
> map to my home directory without any problems, but not so with the tape
> drive. I'm trying to share /dev/rmt/0, which is not a directory but a
> lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root          62 Sep 14 12:43 /dev/rmt/0 ->
> ../../devices/sbus at 1f,0/espdma at e,8400000/esp at e,8800000/st at 4,0:
> When I try to map the drive from NT, I get...
> System error 67 has occurred
> Network name cannot be found
> If anyone's done this successfully or can suggest a better way of using
> tape drive, please let me know. Thanks!

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