Subnet mask change- disables Samba (and telnet)

Brandon Penglase sysupdates at
Wed Oct 3 12:22:03 GMT 2001

I don't know if it matter, but is normally used to route out to 
the internet. 

    Brandon Penglase

On Wednesday 03 October 2001 02:56 pm, Cappellini, Tony wrote:
> I'm not very experienced with networking, so please be patient ...
> When I turn Samba on, the following message is displayed
> " sent an invalid ICMP error to a broadcast", about once every
> 20 seconds.
> People in our IT dept. have tracked this down to an oscilloscope connected
> to the network.
> The scope is being used heavily, so I can't have it sent in for servicing
> or disconnect it from the network.
> I had tried re-directing the stderr from the SMBD and NMBD to an unused
> TTY, but it appears Samba ISN'T generating these messages. It appears it is
> reporting them to some other daemon, but I don't see any network daemon
> running when I type ps -ax.
> I had noticed that the subnet mask on my Linux box was, but on
> my Windows machine was To me, this doesn't seem right, so I
> had changed the subnet mask on my Linux box to, and restarted
> the appropriate services.
> Now I can't connect via Samba or Telnet.
> Am I using the correct subnet ? Is there another parameter I
> need to change to get my networking up and running ?
> Thanks

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