Subnet mask change- disables Samba (and telnet)

Cappellini, Tony Tony_Cappellini at
Wed Oct 3 11:54:17 GMT 2001

I'm not very experienced with networking, so please be patient ...

When I turn Samba on, the following message is displayed
" sent an invalid ICMP error to a broadcast", about once every 20

People in our IT dept. have tracked this down to an oscilloscope connected
to the network.
The scope is being used heavily, so I can't have it sent in for servicing or
disconnect it from the network.

I had tried re-directing the stderr from the SMBD and NMBD to an unused TTY,
but it appears Samba ISN'T generating these messages. It appears it is
reporting them to some other daemon, but I don't see any network daemon
running when I type ps -ax.

I had noticed that the subnet mask on my Linux box was, but on
my Windows machine was To me, this doesn't seem right, so I
had changed the subnet mask on my Linux box to, and restarted
the appropriate services.

Now I can't connect via Samba or Telnet.

Am I using the correct subnet ? Is there another parameter I
need to change to get my networking up and running ?


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