Xerox xpadmin and Samba printer sharing

Winston Nimchan NimchW at
Wed Oct 3 06:06:13 GMT 2001

Hi all:

I'm a newbie to linux and have some questions. I use RH7.0/Samba
2.2/Xerox printer administration tool/drivers.

When I add a printer using the xpadmin tool, 2 queues get added to the
printcap file...the one i added and some other queue that is required to
print. The user only needs to see the queue/printer I can I
go about doing this?

On my win2k pro laptop, I see both print queues but i only connect to
the one i added. I can print fine but the printer status is showing
'Access denied, unable to connect'. What can i do to get rid of this
status and make it work more seamelessly


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