winbindd: Domain password server not available.

Andreas Schuldei andreas at
Wed Oct 3 04:38:03 GMT 2001

I installed samba-tng-cvs because I wanted to experiment with
winbindd. I had it working half way (not totally, could not
figure out why yet), then the latest windows worm struck and
my windows admins fixed something and winbind worked nomore. 

now I get the message Domain password server not available.

before I was able to get some kind of authentification fromthe
server. That was clearly beyond that point. Unfortunatly I can
not convince my admins that there is an error on the server side,
because Microsoft clients can still authenticate their users.

Could someone plese look at this winbindd -d 99 -i > ... output
and tell me what the problem is? did they move the server and did
not change the ip in some list?

Is there a technical difference between the samba-tng winbind and
the samba winbind? which one is the one working more reliable?

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