Could not connect to a Win3.1 share

Joel Hammer Joel at
Wed Oct 3 03:53:03 GMT 2001

Just some ideas:
Maybe you have some oddly named file on your windows box which is confusing
smb and ls. I had a problem yesterday with a file name -T on my linux box.
grep keep giving me an invalid option -T message when I tried grep Pattern *
in that directory.
On the get error, just some thoughts:
You might try specifying both the local and remote name in the get command,
and perhaps try them in different order (get remote local and also try get
local remote) and see if that offers any clues.
It sounds like you can't write to your local directory, would be my guess.
How are your permissions?
At the smb prompt, Try more remotefile and see if you can list the file.

> A problem: Samba (2.0) can log in to a Win31 share (I get a prompt), but
> after that I obtain
> smb: \> ls
> Error: Looping in FIND_NEXT??
> ERRSRV - ERRerror (Non-specific error code.) listing \*
>                 51250 blocks of size 8192. 26860 blocks available
> If I try to get some file that exists, I obtain
> smb: \> get Anu.doc
> Error opening local file Anu.doc
> What could be the solution?
> 				Indrek Zolk,
> 					Tartu Univ., Estonia
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