W2K Services connecting to Samba Share

Love, David DLove at hrblock.com
Tue Oct 2 11:05:02 GMT 2001

We are running an HP/UX 11.0 server that is sharing out a filesystem.  We
used to share it out via NFS and have NFS NT clients map this drive and then
perform a network share of it.  This allows our application (which runs as
an NT/W2K Service) to see this drive and use it.  

With Samba, I was able to create a batch file that I could run as a service
to perform the drive mapping, but because I am unable to share this mapping,
the application (still running as a service) is unable to see this drive.

This is running on a W2K Server now, and since our applications run as a
service, they do not require a user logged into the server.  However, it
appears as though Samba requires a user to login before it will map this
drive.  I can force the map via a batch file running as a service (I assume,
since I did this in NT I should be able to do it in W2K), but how can I
share this resource so that my services can see this?

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