No login prompt (somehow related to Samba)

Thien Vu thien at ucdata.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Oct 1 14:11:03 GMT 2001

Please reply directly to me and I will summarize.

Hi gurus,

I'm running into a 'difficult' problem relating Samba and getting a
'login:' prompt.

When I enable 'hosts: dns nis files' in the nsswitch.conf file, smbd will
hang during start up. I've enabled debugging level 100, but nothing
interesting shows up in the logs.

More importantly though, I have a startup script that starts Samba up.
When I enable it, no 'login:' prompt shows up at all. It seems like
somehow smbd grabs hold of some library (probably libnsl.a) and doesn't
let go.

When I try to SSH in, a similar problem happens and on the console it says
"Authentication timeout" as the PAM error message.

So in summary, I'm locked out of my system, unless I boot up in single
user mode. Or disable Samba.

Note: I didn't not compile PAM support for Samba. I used the Solaris 8
7/01 companion CD tools to compile Samba and SSH. The outstanding flag
used during Samba compilation was '--with-profile', everything else was
directory location related. nmbd starts up fine.



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