smbmount won't work for normal user

Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Mon Oct 1 13:37:03 GMT 2001

On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 04:16:35PM -0400, Joel Hammer wrote:
> All chmod 777.
> A regular user can save to the directory without problem. But, he can't
> mount shares there.
> Joel
> > What are the ownership and permissions on /mnt/NetWork/JHAMMER6/public ?

> > A user is only allowed to mount on a dir he owns and has write permissions
> > on.

	What's the mode of smbmnt.  No, I did not write smbmount, but
check that while you are at it as well.  Just do "ls -l /usr/sbin/smb*"
(RedHat, at least) and see what you get back.

	Unless Urban has changed something radical since the last time I
stuck my nose in there, smbmnt (not smbmount) needs to be suid to root
in order for users to mount directories.  Smbmnt is the suid helper
utility that enables smbmount to update mnttab and actually perform
the mount operation while not requiring smbmount to be suid to root.

	Also...  Are you explicitly calling smbmount or are you using
mount.smb or mount.smbfs (both should be symlinks to smbmount) to do
the job for you through mount and fstab?

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