Error in PDC Event Log

Michels, Gustavo [EES/BR] gustavo.michels at
Mon Oct 1 08:17:02 GMT 2001

Hi friends,

Just a quick check, to be sure!

I am using Samba 2.2.2-pre with Winbind, authenticating users through our NT
domain controllers.

I noticed this error (# 5722) in the PDC event viewer:

The session setup from the computer SPHUS005 failed to authenticate. The
name of the account referenced in the security database is SPHUS005$.  The
following error occurred: 
Access is denied.  

(SPHUS005 is the Samba Server)

I know Samba uses a bogus user/password to exist in the domain, so the error
probably comes from that. My question is if this error is normal? This
doesn't mean I'll have problems in the future, right?


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