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Raven dmstowell at
Mon Oct 1 06:18:04 GMT 2001

On 2001.10.01 04:47 Richard Ibbotson wrote:
> Dear All
> I've been thinking about this one for some time.  
> Is it possible to allow a number of Windows clients - on Win 98 - to 
> have access to the same directory on a Samba server ?  

Sure. Accessing the same directory at the same time should be no problem.
But you add in something a bit more than that below...

> The purpose of 
> this would be for two or more people to have access to the same 
> document at the same time so that they could edit it.
> Doesn't sound all that sensible to me but a few people have asked me 
> to configure Samba so it works this way :)

The same document? If by this you mean something like the same M$-Word .doc
or the like, then no more than one person *should* have access to it at the
same time. If they did, then the problem would result that one person, on
saving, could easily overwrite what work the other had saved while the
second had also opened the file. Make sense ? (no coffee yet ;)  ).
However, if by document you mean a FoxPro database table or the like, then
(assuming a well-written application) there should be no problem in
multi-user access.

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