Peer to Peer Help Wanted

Joel Hammer Joel at
Mon Oct 1 05:35:07 GMT 2001

You sound like a beaten man. I've been there.
Since this is  a generic samba board, I would do the following:
1. Remove samba from your machine, including the helper programs like
smbmount, smbmnt, smbclient, and all the rest.
2. Download and install the newest version of samba from
3. Follow the instructions carefully.
You cannot just accept all the defaults when you configure samba with
./configure. You have to put in something like --with-smbmount. Its all in
the configure file, I believe.
4. After install, make sure all of your samba binaries are in:
Use "which smbmount" and "which nmblookup" and do the same for all the rest.
This is to make sure you are using the right binaries. You may have to
modify your path command. Delete any binaries you find not in
After that, set up a minimal smbd.conf by reading the documentation,
inlcuding the very nice book that comes with the newest samba sources.
Then, be sure to run all the tests in DIAGNOSIS.txt in the samba sources.
Then, you will be ready to get help from your peers. 

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