Problem canceling print jobs from client

Mueller, Uwe Uwe.Mueller2 at
Mon Oct 1 02:46:10 GMT 2001


I'm using SAMBA 2.2.0a on SuSE Linux 7.2 with CUPS 1.1.6 (everything from
SuSE). I've managed to place the printer drivers on the samba machine and
Win clients can connect and print very well. Great stuff! But there is one
problem I can't find a solution for: print jobs cannot be deleted from the
clients. When a user tries to cancel a job in his printer manager the entry
remains until the view is refreshed but the job is still in the printer
queue. I can only cancel it from the CUPS management facility or by lprm.
The lprm command in the smb.conf is correct.

Can you help me resolving this problem?


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