Joining BDC (Samba) to PDC (Samba)

Ariel Mella samba at
Fri Nov 30 14:08:04 GMT 2001

> Yes, but not using "security = domain".  Both Samba PDC & BDC are
> configured as as PDC with "security = user".  The difference
> is that the BDC has "domain master= no".  Then synchronize
> the UNIX uids, smbpasswd, [netlogon], & secrets.tdb files.
 > PS: use rsync over ssh  for the file sync.
you solution looks very well. i think that only needs some kind of port
sentry to look for the 137-139 ports running in the PDC machine.. and when
this ports goes down automatically change "domain master = no" for "domain
master = yes" in smb.conf..
if this is right, maybe a script or official doc could be included to
dissapear the *ghost* of no BDC support under samba.

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