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Fri Nov 30 11:26:07 GMT 2001

Mike Barsalou wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone out there would post a copy of their smb.conf that
> have a working setup that can meet the following criteria:
> Currently using Samba 2.2.2
> Using Drag and Drop printer support
> Using Win2k Workstations
> I am also wondering about spool directories and permissions.
> It seems there are two sets of directories that get used during samba
> printing.  One set is for LPRng (or whatever print manager your using) and
> the other is for samba to store its files.

The samba Howto Collection contains a lot of useful info on these 
things.  Sorry I do not know the exact URL off the top of my head.

As a quick overview:

1) printer(s) should be correctly configured in the "usual" way in 

2) Yes, there is a samba "spool" directory which should be mode 1777 and 
owned by root (IIRC) and specified in the [printers] share (if you want 
to use the printers specified in /etc/printcap).  My [printers] share:

         comment = All Printers
         path = /var/spool/samba
         guest ok = Yes
         printable = Yes
         browseable = No

This share is one of those "special" shares that results in showing you 
all the printers in /etc/printcap.

3) You should have a [print$] share which is where windows drivers for 
the printers will be stored.  Read the Howto collection about this.

4) Set up some user as a printer admin ("printer admin = some_user" in 
smb.conf) so that the printers may be administrated (eg, drivers 
installed, etc).

BTW, I use samba 2.2.1a (home-grown) on a variety of linux distros.

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