Strange problem on Samba/NT sp6a

Leonardo Rodrigues coelho at
Fri Nov 30 10:46:02 GMT 2001

    Fine, I'll look for this version. I'm actually using 2.0 one ....

    Anyway, why do this problem happens ? Is it fully fixed on 2.2 or
2.2 just sets, at least, r permission to owner ? Let's suppose the
problem happens and 2.2 sets only r permission to owner. In this
situation, users wont be allowed to write the file, just read. It solves
'half' of the problem.

    Is this problem caused by the client ( nt ) or its somehow samba's
problem ??

    Leonardo Rodrigues

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> >
> >     So, its really not a problem people getting Access Denied on it.
> > big problem here is: WHY do this file is being saved like this ??
> This is fixed in 2.2.2 (owner always gets at least r permission).

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