Netlogon Long username

Ries van Twisk ries at
Fri Nov 30 08:01:07 GMT 2001

I just found something funny with that one.

I never had a problem have longer filenames and directory's 
with >8 characters in my netlogon share until....

I install E-Safe Dektop from Alladin.
After the installation it would't process my logon.bat files anymore. (Mine are 
create on the fly according the username...)

But when I close all the netlogon stuff I'm logged in but no shares are set 
correctly and lot's of other stuff then when I just logoff and logon again 
Everything is processed correctly! I don't have a single problem with long 
filesnames anymore!!!!

I don't know what that happend but aparently windows/alladin is doing 
something funny with it!.

I thought I just lett you know and in the mean time I need to find a solution 
(other then kernel oplocks = no).


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