djamil essaissi djamil at
Fri Nov 30 07:00:08 GMT 2001

[i'm resending this 'cause i've sent it first before confirming my subscription,
	 so just to make sure it went thru ...sorry if it's a duplicate ...]
 hi there !
 'been using samba for years now ... it's so cool [ironicly 2 minutes ago
 i HAD to reboot a win2k machine 'cause i changed the address of the DNS
 server  he he :) ]
 anyway i subscribed to this to catch any stuff about samba that i might
 not have seen yet ...(very possible...)
 and i'm looking for a doc talking about samba features ... and
 especially the status : what is working what is not yet ...
 i looked around ... maybe not enought ... 
 thanx in advance !

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