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Ariel Mella samba at
Fri Nov 30 06:03:08 GMT 2001

> This sounds like a malformed group entry.  I found the same problem and
> started looking for the solution.  If you move the group AFTER the last
> one you see to the bottom of the /etc/group(s?) file does that show up
> more groups?
im using 2.2. CVS version. but even in 2.2.2 oficial i noticed this..
from a Win9x retireveing the list of users and groups only see 2 groups. the
domain admin and the domain users, plus the bug of 100+ users..
if i use UserMgr.exe i see the list of users, and in the groups only domain
users and domain admin too... and in description says "Just To Make It
my samba server is a production server, and i need to confirm that this is a
problem of mine and not a problem in samba after i do any modification..
tell me your situation.

thx for the help

Ariel Mella

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