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Oliver Six o.six at
Fri Nov 30 05:51:05 GMT 2001

Phil Chambers <P.A.Chambers at> wrote on 30.11.2001 12:59:28:

>I could not find any reference to this in the list archive.
>I am setting up SAMBA on an IRIX system.  The passwd command does not say 
>"Password changed" or similar at the end, it just ends.  However, if the 
>command fails for any reason (unable to get a lock on the passwd file, for 
>example) it does report that. 
>My problem is that I cannot see any way to get the passwd chat string to 
>handle that situation.  The chat string only covers the output expected 
>when the command succeeds, so must end with "." because no output is 
>produced when the password changes OK.  That means that expect() in 
>smbd/chgpasswd.c just returns after issuing the last string and does not 
>wait to see if an error message is returned. 
>This results in the SAMBA password being changed when the UNIX change 
>Does anyone have a work-around for this?
>Phil Chambers (postmaster at
>University of Exeter
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Hi Phil,

how about creating a shell script around passwd and 'grep'ing the result?

Ciao Oliver
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