passwd chat problem

Phil Chambers P.A.Chambers at
Fri Nov 30 04:01:04 GMT 2001

I could not find any reference to this in the list archive.

I am setting up SAMBA on an IRIX system.  The passwd command does not say "Password 
changed" or similar at the end, it just ends.  However, if the command fails for any 
reason (unable to get a lock on the passwd file, for example) it does report that.

My problem is that I cannot see any way to get the passwd chat string to handle that 
situation.  The chat string only covers the output expected when the command 
succeeds, so must end with "." because no output is produced when the password 
changes OK.  That means that expect() in smbd/chgpasswd.c just returns after issuing 
the last string and does not wait to see if an error message is returned.

This results in the SAMBA password being changed when the UNIX change fails!

Does anyone have a work-around for this?

Phil Chambers (postmaster at
University of Exeter

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