Does samba support netware authentiocation.

Peter Hübschen pehu at
Fri Nov 30 01:06:11 GMT 2001


I don't know exactly what you mean, but we use a samba-server and the
login informations are stored in NDS. To do this we run edirectory 8.5
for Linux on our server. The main Novell-servers are at the
Rechenzentrum (main computing centrum ?) of our university and our
server is through edir linked with these servers.
Our server setup looks like this:
we have samba compiled --with-pam,
pam is configured to use the pam-modules from edir
and they look at the Userdatabase.
Since pam is involved it's not possible to use password encryption and
so you can't use NT4/2000/XP as client-os.
This setup is not very stable, So every week I have to restart edir or
the authentification doesn't work anymore. If I may add with samba 2.0.x
the authentification hanged when 2 or more user logged in at nearly the
same time. We samba 2.2.x I only have to do this restart once in awhile.

Hope that helps a little

Greg Turnbull schrieb:

> Can netware logins and password authenticate to samba shares?
> If so is it scalable? We have a about 50000 netware users.
> How do you set it up.
> Thanks
> Greg Turnbull
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