smbmounts hang around after windows client disconnects

Joel Hammer Joel at
Thu Nov 29 20:24:02 GMT 2001

Using 2.2.1a and a 2.4 kernel patched for win4lin. 
Everything is working but:
I mount all the available network shares on my linux box as root to one
network directory.
If a windows client shuts down while the linux box is still connected, the
share is not removed from my mount list or from /proc/mounts
It cannot be removed with umount. I can kill the smbmount with kill -15 but
the share is still there with mount.
Telinit to 1 does not remove the share.
Attempts to access the share after the windows client shuts down results in
the process hanging. 
When running KDE, the icons all disappear after I shunt down the offending
window where I tried to access the share.
I cannot reboot successfully after this, with none of the other drives being
umounted successfully, unless I do it by hand before I reboot.
The rebooting process just hangs during shutdown. None of the other mounts
are umounted during this reboot, and all have to be fsck'ed during the
next reboot. This takes about 40 minutes.
In short, this is a real nuisance.
Any insight appreciated.

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