Write problems

Daniel Tan danieltan at shopnsave.com.sg
Thu Nov 29 17:42:27 GMT 2001


    i have a server serving a NFS directory to 2 other servers namely app1
and app2. i have a map to [common] in app1 with user "bah". only "root" and
"bah" can have write rights to this folder. but when i map to app2 with
similiar config...the user "bah" cant write to it. what did i do wrong here?
my smb.conf is the same for both app1 and app2. running testparm came up
alright...what should i do now?

   path = /sapmnt/PRD/global/edi/common
   read only = yes
   public = no
   write list = root bah
   browseable = yes


Daniel Tan
7469188 Ext.665
MIS Department
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