Shares are not listed (Access denied)

Ahmad Yahya getlucky at
Thu Nov 29 17:19:05 GMT 2001

From: "Roland Schmid" <linux at>
> I have almost the same problem.
> When I use smbclient -U% -L server I get a share List and Server List
Try $smbclient -L server -U _your_remote_user
When asking for passwd, use your_remote_passwd_for_your_remote_user
or just $smbclient -L server will list the share.

> but instead of listing the shares it says "Error returning browse
> list: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access Denied)".
> Using the same smbclient command on the local server the shares will be
> listed.
> The users exist in the remote server and in the smbpasswd.
> Anyone got an idea what goes wrong?
> Thanks for help.
> Roland

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