firewall, win2k, and port 445

Brad Knotwell knotwell at
Thu Nov 29 16:50:04 GMT 2001

Hello all--

After struggling valiantly to get win2k to talk to samba through a 
firewall, I thought I'd send out a short note to the mailing list 
detailing the magical incantation necessary to get things working
with ipfilter.

  block in on <your_nic_here> from any to any port = 445

For whatever reason, win2k didn't like the RST my firewall
sent when it received the win2k machine's SYN on port 445.  
So I just put in the above firewall rule to blackhole packets
to port 445.  At this point, the win2k box was able to successfully
map the drive.

I apologize if this is already widely understood or just applicable
to a particular version of win2k.


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