2.2.2: need %G (not %g) for logon script

Paul Szabo psz at maths.usyd.edu.au
Thu Nov 29 16:36:35 GMT 2001


>> Up until 2.2.1a I used to have
>> 	logon script = %g.bat
>> in my smb.conf, but now I find I need instead
>> 	# At 2.2.2 we need %G (%g would be root/system?)!
>> 	logon script = %G.bat
> %g is the unix group name of the current connected user,
> %G is the unix group name of the %U user, which is the
> username that the client requested, not the one they
> neccessarily got.

Thanks, but I knew about that difference between %g and %G. The odd thing
is that %g.bat used to work fine (and was getting expanded to the group of
the user logging in), while at 2.2.2 %g.bat expands to system.bat or
root.bat (the group of root, what the "primary" smbd daemon runs as). At
2.2.2 I need %G.bat to get the file related to the user; I would prefer %g
in case there is a difference.


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