k12 needs suggestions on our first samba problem

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu Nov 29 13:52:10 GMT 2001

On Thu, Nov 29, 2001 at 11:27:57AM -0600, Barry Smoke wrote:
> As I have mentioned before on this list, I am the network Admin for a
> k12 public school district.  We have migrated to samba, in order to save
> money, and we love it.  
> We have a situation though, where managing a program under samba, vs.
> Novell is a bit harder, and I want some suggestions on how to handle it.
> The program is Accelerated Reader, which is a program where students
> take quizes, and the quizes are read from a proprietary database(not
> sql) that is just a folder on a share.  Quiz results are also posted
> here.  We mapped this folder to a drive R:, and it works fine.
> Our problem is that sometimes the database needs maintenance, which is
> normal for this program....and all users of the have to exit the client
> process, in order for the database maintenance program to be able to
> run.  Some users do not exit though, and this gives an error while
> trying to run the maintenance prog.  
> Under novell, if we saw that someone was still using the AR program, we
> could kill their connection to the server, but since samba restores
> sessions automatically, and doesn't show what programs logged in users
> are using...this is very difficult to solve.
> We need to be able to do something that will kill current connections to
> the R: share, but allow the client pc with the datadoctor maintenance
> program to connect, and run.  Then when finished, go back to normal.
> I had an idea of using 2 different smb.conf files, which could be
> interchanged by using a shell script.  It could be done like a RedHat
> service script:
> service ARmaint start, and service ARmaint stop.
> now, what would it need to do to kill connections to just that share?
> what would it need to do to allow only the datadocter program to access
> share while in maintenance mode?
> Is there a command line utility that will list current connections, and
> what files are open as on novell's management console?

smbstatus will do this. As to terminating connections
to a share, smbcontrol has a "close-share" message that
will do this.


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