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David Rankin drankin at
Thu Nov 29 13:49:54 GMT 2001


    Search the list archives on this issue. I remember this issue being
tracked down to what was called a "rabbit pellet fragmentation" problem, but I
don't recall the fix. I think there was a M$ patch for win95, etc. that
helped. I have seen this problem as well and posted it a number of times. It
only happens to me intermittently and right now on 2.09 everything is fine.

Colin Haffenden wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have aproblem with Samba copying (unfortunatly I'm new to samba so my
> skills are fairly limited).
> I have a sun box (solaris 8) with samba 2.2.2.
> Copying from sun to a nt server is fast (as good as you would expect)
> however, copying from the nt server to the sun box is slow (files copy
> normally, then slow to a complete halt then copy very slowly).
> We cannot see anything on a network sniff nor a snoop (packets seem to
> just stop transferring).
> Has anybody else had this problem or am I the only one?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am completly stuck on this
> one.
> I've attached my smb.conf as I hope this will help.
> Thanks in advance,
> Colin.
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