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Nelson, John P. john.nelson at
Thu Nov 29 11:54:03 GMT 2001

Hello!  That somebody was me!  I would really like to be able to disable
"share modes" locking on selected "admin" shares.

The actual problem involves an automated build process.  Every night, we
fetch the latest code from source control, compile it, and copy the results
to a distribution directory.  We've got two shares - one for people to use
to access the files, and an "admin" share which is used to update the files.
We want the update process to succeed, no matter who might be holding a file
open by using it.  We really need to be able to override an "in use" lock
from the read-only share.  It isn't just people executing files, either -
someone using "less" to read a text file will lock that file and prevent
that file from being updated.

So Don's got it right - the "admin" share that has "share modes = no" would
need to be readwrite, even though the other users would be accessing the
same files through a read-only share.

Our current workaround is to use two different Samba servers to access the
same files via NFS (the two servers are completely unaware of each other's
locks, which may be causing additional oplock confusion).

  - john nelson

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Hi Jeremy;
I seem to remember someone complaining about this being gone (share modes =
no) because
he had a bunch of people that executed files from a share that was readonly
for THEM, but
he wanted to be able to login as an admin user to UPDATE the .exe files, and
didn't want 
to kick them all off to do so...  So for that situation, the share would
have to be readwrite
wouldn't it?

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