Odd preexec/root preexec behavior

Kris Jordan krisj at owt.com
Thu Nov 29 10:42:03 GMT 2001

Removing /%U would not work either if there was a permission problem, 
profile is root:users, 770, I tried 777 just to see if that works which 
it didn't. log level 3 and even 10 did not show any failure, it does not 
even mention the running of the prexeec command, maybe I missed it, log 
level 3 creates a lot of stuff. When using root preexec, I do see the 
log entry of it running.

I think samba  is checking for the existence of /data/profile/kris 
before running preexec, but when using root preexec, it is the other way 

- Kris Jordan -

Joel Hammer wrote:

>Other than saying this is a permissions problem, I would look at the logs
>with log level = 3. Samba will probably tell you why this fails.
>On Thu, Nov 29, 2001 at 01:03:42AM -0800, Kris Jordan wrote:
>>Running Samba 2.2.2, having troubles with preexec when it involves the 
>>path parameter:
>>Log on to the samba server as kris, user "users".
>>%U expands to kris, %G expands to users.
>>    path = /data/profile/%U
>>    preexec = /bin/mkdir -m 700 /data/profile/%U
>>    writable = yes
>>    create mode = 0600
>>    directory mode = 0700
>>This fails to work, Samba reports that it could not open 
>>/data/profile/kris. Replacing preexec with "root preexec = /bin/mkdir -m 
>>700 /data/profile/%U; chown %U:%G /data/profile/%U" fixes the problem, 
>>but it does not explain what the problem with preexec is. If I remove %U 
>>from the path parameter, preexec works, the directory does shows up, but 
>>I don't it set-up this way of course.
>>I found a bug report about preexec not working, but supposedly it has 
>>been fixed in 2.2.1.

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