Migrating Domain from TNG to 2.2.2: A cautionary tale

Tom Crummey tom at picard.ee.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Nov 29 09:15:05 GMT 2001


We recently undertook to migrate our domain from samba-TNG to samba-2.2.2.
However, it did not go smoothly. One of the main reasons is that even
if you start 2.2.2 with the domain SID from the TNG installation, you
find that the users' RIDs are different. This is because samba-TNG
calculates the RID from the unix UID using the formula UID*4 + 1000
where as 2.2.2 uses UID*2 +1000.

At this point you have two choices:

1) Re-implement your domain
2) modify the samba-2.2.2 source code to make it calculate the RIDs in 
the same way as samba-TNG.

Eventually we decided option 2 was the better for now as we have 700
users and 150 Win2k systems.

It really would have been nice if the two samba camps could have 
co-ordinated on this, unless there are other reasons for the difference
that I don't know about.

Might I suggest that a parameter be added to samba to allow the RID_MULTIPLIER
to be set in smb.conf?

PS If anyone needs a recipe to modify permissions and user profiles to
work with changed RIDs email me as we managed to work that out before
working out the formula change.

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