Configuring Samba for LDAP

Dean Scott ScottD at
Thu Nov 29 07:34:03 GMT 2001


I have a Samba PDC (version 2.2.2) operating on a FreeBSD4.4 server.  I have
an OpenLDAP database (version 2.0.18) operating on the same computer.  I am
trying to reconfigure my Samba installation to use ldap for authentication
(currently using smbpasswd).  When I run ./configure --with-ldapsam
configure runs to the end but the last two lines are:

checking configure summary
configure: error: summary failure.  Aborting config

Does anyone have any idea what I am missing?  I have checked the archives
and there is no reference to this problem.  It would really help to get this
operating since we would like to migrate from an NT domain to Samba and a
single source for authentication would be a big help.

scottd at

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