I think we found a new bug in smbclient

Ing. Georg Chavanne Chavanne at xcom.co.at
Thu Nov 29 05:59:02 GMT 2001

Dear samba-team!

We have problems with smbclient in the following conditions:

SuSe Linux 7.3 -> Samba 2.2.1a
Windows XP Client with shared Printer
We are creating HPLIII-Printoutfiles an send them to samba_print ..... for
printout on the workstation´s printer.
It`s working sometimes, but not allways.

We found out that the problem was reportet in /tmp/smb-print.....log

samba_print calls smbclient   and sends "print -" to the prompt smb> and
redirects the stdin form the printfile
Sometimes it does not send "print -"  and all sequences of the HP-printfile
are interpreted as commands!
After a lot of messages "command not found" the process is waiting for a
exit command / but this command was not sent and so it`s hanging....
The funny thing is, that it`s depending on the printoutfile if it`s working
or not. I think it´s a timing problem, that "print -" was sent as first
command or the printfile is faster. (?)

What can we do?

Best regards
Ing. Georg Chavanne
Chavanne at xcom.co.at

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