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Ahmad Yahya getlucky at
Wed Nov 28 18:38:02 GMT 2001

From: "Ward... James Ward" <jward at>

> Okay, let's try this again.  I've gotten my samba 2.2.2 server doing
> everything BUT winbind, users can print, see shares, etc.  And they're
> authenticating against a real NT 4.5 SP6a server (newly generated).
> When I get to the step where I need to join the domain, this is what
> happens:
> [root at NetServer samba]# smbpasswd -j BIO2RES -r DOMAIN-CONTROL -U
> Password:
> Error connecting to DOMAIN-CONTROL
> Unable to join domain BIO2RES.
Perhaps you should try
[root at NetServer samba]# smbpasswd -j BIO2RES -r DOMAIN-CONTROL

> I've tried this with smbd and nmbd stopped and with the server removed
> from the domain in server manager on the NT machine.  Any idea what I am
> doing wrong?
Just add/readd the Samba Server to NT Domin before joining it.

> I am new to samba and windows networking, but a UNIX veteran.  Can I get
> someone's attention long enough to push this through?  I really would
The doc is DOMAIN_MEMBER.html  in _your_samba_source_dir/docs/htmldocs.
If you access via swat, the docs should be in it.
> rather not have to maintain lots of different user/group/password
> databases...  I need to go into production the 20th of December.
> Thanks in advance,
> James Ward
> Biosphere 2 Center
> Columbia University

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