password sync problem

Ahmad Yahya getlucky at
Wed Nov 28 18:10:05 GMT 2001

From: "Jun Tanamal" <jtanamal at>

> Hi!
> I'm a newbie on this. This system had been setup by a guy before me.
> Doing a testparm gives me one of these messages:
> ---cut----
> ERROR: the 'unix password sync' parameter is set and the 'passwd
> program' (/bin/
> passwd) cannot be executed (error was No such file or directory).
> ---cut---
It usually comes up because your passwd program is not in /bin.
afaik in RH, it is in /usr/bin, so it will be 'passwd program =
/usr/bin/passwd' in smb.conf.

> This might be the reason why I get logs such as this:
> ............
> Nov 25 10:26:58 server PAM_pwdb[7980]: authentication failure; (uid=0)
> -> myuser for samba service
> ...........
> Can anyone tell me how to solve this?
> Thanks in advance!!!
> --
> Jun Tanamal
Ahmad "Yaya" Yahya

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