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Ward... James Ward jward at
Wed Nov 28 14:09:02 GMT 2001

Okay, let's try this again.  I've gotten my samba 2.2.2 server doing
everything BUT winbind, users can print, see shares, etc.  And they're
authenticating against a real NT 4.5 SP6a server (newly generated).
When I get to the step where I need to join the domain, this is what

[root at NetServer samba]# smbpasswd -j BIO2RES -r DOMAIN-CONTROL -U Administrator
Error connecting to DOMAIN-CONTROL
Unable to join domain BIO2RES.

I've tried this with smbd and nmbd stopped and with the server removed
from the domain in server manager on the NT machine.  Any idea what I am
doing wrong?

I am new to samba and windows networking, but a UNIX veteran.  Can I get
someone's attention long enough to push this through?  I really would
rather not have to maintain lots of different user/group/password
databases...  I need to go into production the 20th of December.

Thanks in advance,

James Ward
Biosphere 2 Center
Columbia University

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