Problem with printer driver sharing Win2k klients.

Bunny Pfau bunny at
Wed Nov 28 13:13:26 GMT 2001

-> On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, Arve Emil Myrås wrote:
-> > Hi...
-> > I got this new server at work that I have to get 100% up and running by
-> > tomorrow.
-> > It's running Samba 2.2.1a on SuSE 7.3 Pro
-> > It's supposed to be VPN - File and Printer Server
-> > The printers are:
-> > One OCE 700C / CS90 color copier and One OCE 3165
-> > And there is only one problem left.
-> > I can install the printer drivers for Win9x & NT on the samba server.
-> > But I can't figure out how to install Win2000/XP drivers.
-> > When trying to use a Win2k pro client to install the drivers it just
-> > complains about the driver not being compatible with my windows version
-> > when I press ok in the "Additional Drivers" requester. After selecting
-> > Win2000 driver for installation but BEFORE I get any file requester.
-> I would suggest getting the WIN2K client ot use the NT drivers.
-> Debugging printer driver remote installation problems is a full
-> time job.
-> But if you are really interested, start by trying to install the driver
-> from a win2k client onto another win2k server (win2k prof is fine)
-> remotely.
-> >
-> > Do I need another directory below print$ for the win2000 driver??
-> No. Win2k drivers are stored in [print$]/W32X86/3.
-> chau, jerry

I am happy this identical problem, with these adjustments--
Samba 2.2.2 on Solaris 7.  The printer driver in question is 
HP 4550DN.  I installed successfully about five other drivers, but
they were Win9X versions..the only one that won't install is the
Win2k one. 

Jerry--are you saying that this is a configuration issue rather than 
a problem with Samba itself?  Just checking...I was unclear.

Bunny Pfau

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