smbclient -L hostname -N ==>error

Joseph Maxwell jaymax at
Wed Nov 28 07:06:04 GMT 2001


I am a Samba newbie, setting up Samba on a FreeBSD machine in a Windows
(2K) environment [or the other way around] - all in a small LAN behind a
DSL router / firewall. The machines recognize each other in that I can
ping to both in either directions using either IP #'s or hostnames. On
the PC's I am using LMHOST , no local WINS or local DNS (there are DNS's
on the WAN side of the router/gateway), & /etc/hosts on the BSD
platform. OK - so far, so good, -  however on running "smbclient -L
hostname -N" from the command line on the BSD

the following was generated ==>

     added interface ip= bcast=
     Anonymous login successful
     Domain=[DWORKS] OS=[Windows 5.0] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN

             Sharename      Type      Comment
             ---------                ----            -------
     Error returning browse list: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access

             Server               Comment
             ---------                   -------

             Workgroup            Master
             ---------                       -------


Obviously something is wrong w/ my setup but I can't tell what,
hopefully some one will recognize and advise.

--  Joe  --

PS:  I have virtually all the services & protocols installed on the
PC's, TCP/IP, Clients for Microsoft etc. Hope I have provided sufficient
info for diagnosis.

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