problem of access with files accentuated

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Wed Nov 28 05:01:07 GMT 2001

are you using vfs in samba?
what version?
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  Subject: problem of access with files accentuated

  I need of helps for do backup of a server windows2000(english). 

  In the files accentuated, presents to following message: 

  ERRDOS - ERRbadfile (File not found.) opening remote file \f\adm\Arquivos diversos e tempor rios\Tabela Master de Importaao.xls (\f\adm\Arquivos diversos e temporarios\

  They are more of 60 pages with this message. 

  When I rename the name of the file to without accent, it works perfectly and in the win2000 (portuguese), too.

  Is it possible to make a backup without to rename the files?

  I hope for your help to solution this problem 

  Please (by the love of God) 

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