NFS and Samba

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Wed Nov 28 04:18:01 GMT 2001

Hiep Nguyen wrote:
> This is a question before i go into production with my setup.  Thanks
> everyone for the assistance i received while setting up Samba.  I am going
> to have an AS/400 mount an NFS directory on my linux server and it is going
> to be constantly writing to this share.  Also about 400 users are going to
> be connected to this same share through samba, accessing via windows NT.
> Has anyone heard of any issues with this kind of setup?  Do you think its
> going to be any traffic issues?

The big thing is the ensure that locking works.  Ensure that files
accessed both via NFS and via SMB are correctly locked.

This is best done by ensuring that you use the latest Samba 2.2, Linux
Kernel 2.4 and the appropriate libc (2.2 I think) this will gain you
access to the 'kernel oplocks' that will allow cooperative locking
between the two protocols.  You may wish to follow the discussions on
this list, becouse there have been some 'issues' with this that are
currnetly being looked at.  (Possible bugs in the linux kernel oplock
implementation I beleive).

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