Winbind slow to authenticate

Mello, Luiz MelloL at
Tue Nov 27 11:25:02 GMT 2001

Ok, got Apache to authenticate via PAM.

But why does it take so long for an authentication to go thru with winbind?
Does anybody have the same problem? Any comments are appreciated.


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Subject: Winbind slow to authenticate

Finally got winbind to work, thanks for all the help.

I wonder if it is normal for winbind to take approximately 20 seconds to
authenticate a user?
In smb.conf I have specified the names of all NT BDCs and PCD but it didn't
change performance. And in pam.d/samba I have only auth and account required

One more thing, does anybody have any hints on how to have Apache
authenticate against samba? I installed mod_auth_pam but all users get

Thanks again!

Luiz-Robertto Mello

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