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Tue Nov 27 10:20:05 GMT 2001

Hi Jeremy;
I seem to remember someone complaining about this being gone (share modes =
no) because
he had a bunch of people that executed files from a share that was readonly
for THEM, but
he wanted to be able to login as an admin user to UPDATE the .exe files, and
didn't want 
to kick them all off to do so...  So for that situation, the share would
have to be readwrite
wouldn't it?

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On Tue, Nov 27, 2001 at 11:06:59AM +0000, Martin Sapsed wrote:
> Hello all,
> I used to have 
>   share modes = no
> on all my application shares as they were accessed for read-only. I
> particularly put this on my netlogon share after someone got an exclusive
> lock on part of the login script! I find with 2.2.2 that share modes is no
> longer allowed and I get smbstatus lock entries for loads of application
> stuff which people should be locking. What is the 2.2.2 equivalent which
> turns of all locking on a share. I've got 
>   locking = no
> but that doesn't seem to do the trick. Previous version was good old
> 1.9.18p10!

I have a fix for this that I'll be putting into 2.2 and HEAD
for the next release. Essentially, setting "share modes = no"
will turn off deny mode processing and always return "ok".

I'm tempted to only allow this on read only shares though....
What do you think ?


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