Snap server in Samba PDC domain

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Tue Nov 27 08:31:05 GMT 2001

    This sounds curiously like the problem that I have right now. I have an
NT 4.0 PDC. Samba 2.2.1a is the WINS server. Everything seems to be OK.
    I use Retrospect Tape Backup (and also have tried Backup Exec to perform
tape backups. Backup Exec can not map a drive.) Retrospect will "on
again/off again" be able to see
    mapped drives, but will "lose" the connection after about an hour or so
and not be able to reestablish it until I go into Network Neighborhood.

    I have looked at the "socket options" SO_KEEPALIVE and the parameter
"dead time" in the smb.conf and have tried various values. None seem to
correct the problem.

    I have not found a solution.
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  I've trawled the Archives for assistance with this problem, but all the
threads I've found petter out without a solution being posted.

  We have a Samba 2.2.1a server as a PDC for our network of NT4 and 98
machines. They all get along fine. We have roaming profiles established so
people can move around. All no problem. We have a Quantum Snap 2000 server
that has all our working directories, which until this week was in a
separate workgroup (as the 98 machines accepted both, and the NT machines
seemed to be able to tolerate it).

  About a week ago the NT machines stopped being able to see the workgroup
that the Snap server was in, so we migrated it to the domain. Now everyone
is happy, except the one NT machine that performs our backups of the Snap.
It can see the Snap through Network Neighborhood, but after a while (I guess
a few hours but I'm at a loss as to how to prove this) it 'loses' the
ability to actually access the folders that the Snap exports. Clicking on a
folder in Explorer gives a 'File or folder moved or deleted' dialog.

  I can't find any errors reported in the Samba logs. The Snap only gives a
warning when trying to access user/groups from the Samba PDC ('Failed to
connect to IPC$ on domain controller').

  If I log out and log back in the folders become visible again (but I'm not
dedicated enough to be around in the middle of the night when the backup
kicks off).

  Our Samba server is our WINS server. We have a separate DNS server. We
have encrypted passwords enabled. We don't do DHCP. The Snap OS is 3.1.x.
The Snap reports to be a Lanman 3.1 server clicking on the 'Properties'
under Network Neighborhood.

  Has anyone any suggestions? Is there a TTL in Samba that needs to be
increased, and if so, how? Has anyone else ever integrated a Snap into a
Samba controlled network?

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