Sync of samba passwords between two UNIX samba servers possible?

Gary Heath gary.heath at
Tue Nov 27 06:44:05 GMT 2001

Hi everyone,

I have set up two seperate AIX4.2.1 samba servers, and due to this, every
time a user changes his Novell password, they (or more likely, I) have to
change their passwords on both seperate samba servers (login is duplicating
the novel/NT login password combination so that the filesystems are mapped
automatically when they boot up).

My question is :-

Is it possible to synchronise two UNIX samba servers so that one updates
the samba passwords of the other (A kind of Master/Slave setup, maybe???)?
If yes, how is it done (detailed)?

If not? Is there an alternative setup method which avoids the duplication
of password changing at every stage.

I can't really muck around with the NT password system as this is administered
by another department and the same goes for the UNIX password propagation,
which is done by Tivoli.

Any useful reponse and tips to this problem would be welcome.

Gary Heath - UNIX administrator/NT and UNIX System Release Manager

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