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Tue Nov 27 01:16:04 GMT 2001

"Administrator" <lists at> wrote on 27.11.2001 05:19:17:

>I am running Samba on a debian box.  I have recently installed Ext3 in
>order to allow for large files.  I am also running samba 2.2.2-2 on the
>box.  I am able to create a file natively on linux that is about 5 gigs
>or so.  Yet I seem to be running into a problem when I try to create a
>file larger then 4 gigs from my Win2k box.  Is this a know issue?  Is
>there a work around for it.  The file is a propierty database file that
>is only limited by the file system.  Any information would be greatly
>Thank you in advance for your time and effort.
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Hi Michael,

are you able to copy a file larger than 4g from the command line? On my 2k 
I can't copy large files using Explorer but it works fine from the command 

Ciao Oliver
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