Who else can reproduce this problem?

Jon Gerdes GERDESJ at whl.co.uk
Tue Nov 27 01:14:20 GMT 2001

If it's any consolation, I can reproduce this behaviour against Samba, NW 4 and 5 and NT4/2000 server, with Win 2000 and Win XP as clients.  As you point out, Exporer is brain damaged.  I have to get an NT4 box to remove the offending directory.  It seems that 2K/XP have some fancy caching mechanism which doesn't work properly.

Jon Gerdes

>>Thank you for replying Oliver.  Now I've got you and two others who can
duplicate it.

>>I'd like to just dismiss it as a quirk of the Windows Explorer of Windows
2000 but the thing is I CAN NOT REPRODUCE this behavior against ANYTHING
OTHER than a Samba 2.2.1a or 2.2.2 share - be it an actual Windows 2000
share, a Samba 2.0.9 share, the local hard drive, or a Novell share.
(Please nobody start pointing the finger at Novell, two of the four Windows
2000 boxes I tested from had no Novell client software installed and now
I've got other people from this list verifying the behaviour as well.)

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