Hmm. Silly(ish) question re: winbind

Glenn Sieb ges at
Mon Nov 26 14:00:04 GMT 2001

Odd. I tried it that way:

ges at ricky:~/test# chown CORP+ges:"CORP+Domain Admins" test1
chown: CORP+Domain Admins: illegal group name

Then I tried this:

ges at ricky:~/test# chown CORP+ges *
chown: CORP+ges: illegal user name

hmm.. When I do wbinfo -ug I get everything in the list... Hmm.


Any ideas?


On 04:42 PM 11/26/2001 -0500, David Brodbeck wrote:
>Hmm...I've never tried it with a local user and a domain group.  I've
>certainly done stuff like:

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